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GEIS MOBILITY puts at your disposal the manufacture or repair of any electric bicycle battery to measure. We have agreements with national manufacturers such as IMP. BATTERIES and extensive experience of more than 10 years in lithium packs Li-Ion, Li-Fe, LiFePo4.

The lithium packs can be assembled with the shape and measurements desired by the customer. Our lithium packs are assembled exclusively with cells from Panasonic, LG, Sony or Samsung origin of high discharge, premium brands in terms of lithium. The high discharge 4C cells guarantee a high performance of the electric bicycle battery.

Panasonic Battery, Monty Battery, Ecobike Battery, BH Battery, Tonaro Battery, Tucano Battery, Yamimoto Battery, Flyer Battery, Bosch Battery.

We have all kinds of batteries, if you need an electric bicycle battery, we can advise you to offer you the possibility to replace (repair) the batteries at a really competitive cost since we would be talking about only the repair of the electric bicycle battery that make up the element.

We are specialists in converting the lead battery of your electric scooter into a state-of-the-art lithium battery, conserving the original casing. With the lithium battery for electric scooters you will save in weight and gain autonomy.

The electrical energy stored in an electric bicycle battery or an electric scooter battery is 24 – 36 – 48 Volts. The capacities range from 8 to 20 Ah (most common models). We have all types: Battery type COMPACT, Battery type FROG (Attachable to the seatpost) Battery type TUBE (Coupling to the bike frame).


Battery type COMPACT


Battery type FROG


Battery type TUBE

The batteries are subject to wear. Over time, electric bicycle batteries store less electricity (and charge more quickly) and therefore have less autonomy.

This chemical process of wear, which starts from the moment of its manufacture, increases with use. Here it is necessary to emphasize that in the web we find sites where they speak of a concrete number of refills (500 or 1.000). This information is wrong, since it is obvious that using a battery 50 times a year does not mean that the electric bicycle battery lasts 10 or 20 years.

Therefore, and as a result of our long trajectory, we can affirm that in real situations electric bicycle batteries change, on average, after two years.

There will be customers who want a new battery before two years and others who will use it until the end.

When we say that they last for about two years we refer to that from this moment the effects of the age of the battery are more noticeable (diminishing autonomy).