Bike helmet “Foldable“


Now you can always take on your bike a modern and safe helmet that occupies the minimum space.

We present you exclusively the folding helmet “Plixi”. Once folded it occupies only one third of the volume it occupies extended. Made with top quality materials, it is certified by the European standard EN1078.

Available in black and white colors and in S/M/L/XL sizes (54 to 62 cm). With 14 ventilation holes that also help reduce weight. It is delivered with a practical bag of protection and transport.

Security is no longer at odds with comfort. The helmet is mandatory on the road, and it is becoming more common to use it also in the city, where it can save us from being damaged by blows in falls.

The most important thing in a bicycle helmet is that it is compact and lightweight so that it does not become a nuisance. Also that allows us to capture our entire environment and does not negatively affect our field of vision. “Plixi” complies with everything you can ask for and you can easily save it when you finish your trip.

You can see a video of this helmet here and do not forget to visit our store.